2013-2014 Events for Cheltenham & Gloucester Branch
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Video archive of past talks
Video archive of past talks

12th November 2013, Tuesday
Can 3D printing change the world?

S. McCarthy, Manager, EMCO & Dr. P. Walters, Research Fellow - 3D Printing, University of the West of England

An insight to the world of 3D printing will be discussed with it’s associated technologies. Some developmental tools and models will be on show. There will also be a discussion on the progress in material technologies enabling enhanced 3D printing.



14 January 2014, Tuesday
An introduction to Critical Chain Project Management

Gary Palmer, Senior Consultant, Critical Point Consulting

Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is fast becoming the project management method of choice for many organisations, removing the inefficiencies of conventional / traditional approaches and dramatically improving project performance. CCPM implementations in hundreds of companies across multiple industries consistently report significant improvements of:

Presentation Overview:

In this presentation, participants will gain an understanding of the main elements of CCPM, its benefits, and how it differs from ‘traditional’ project management methods.

Gary will explain:



14 February 2014, Tuesday
Cloud Computing

Rebecca Eden, CIO, Cloudtamers Ltd

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ has a range of definitions, some of which are mutually incompatible. This talk will review the term and distinguish spin from technology (the cloud from the cloud-wash), looking at the history of development of cloud technologies, the impact of cloud as a disruptive technology within the IT marketplace, commercial considerations when assessing a cloud solution and cloud as a driver of cultural and social change across the globe.



8 April 2014, Tuesday
Breaking Down Brick Walls in Genealogy

Mark Bayley of S & N Genealogy

How to resolve stumbling blocks in your family history research using new and unique search strategies to find those missing relatives. Techniques he will cover will include searching for a family using just the individuals’ forenames, keyword search tools (using criteria other than a name to search on) and other advanced search techniques. The talk also covers unique data sets such as Non-Conformist records, Non-Parochial records, Fleet marriages, Will images, Parish Records, Military Records, Directories, Newspapers and more.



28 May 2014, Wednesday
Solar Superstorms

Prof Paul S Cannon, University of Birmingham

Solar superstorms and the impact on mobile communications, radar and SATNAV systems



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