Videos of talks given at the University of Gloucestershire
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Videos of talks given on behalf of the BCS (Cheltenham and Gloucester Branch)

Serious Games Serious Games : Professor Bob Stone
Serious gaming is the exploitation of 3D visualisation tools and engines made available by toaday's popular video or computer games applications in training, education and so on. Gaming technology could deliver much much more than VR, affordibility and accessibility ...
PlayStation 3 - a multi-processor PlayStation3 - a Multi-processor : Dr. Mike Froggatt, Sony Entertainment
The Cell microprocessor of the PlayStation 3 consists of nine physical cores supplemented by high bandwidth memory, I/O and interconnect subsystems. This talk looks at the design of Cell, how it fits within the larger overall architecture of the PlayStation 3 and how it ...
Unified Communications The future of Unified Communications : Jurgen Hekkink, Affiniti
Microsoft has enterd unified comms, predicting that in just three years the average VoIP solution for business will halve in cost. How Cisco, Nortel and others have reacted is dicussed along with whether a desk phone will exist in 10 years time.
Geospatial visualisation Geospatial visualisation from complex mult-dimensional data sets | Bob Moore
Showing recent development in geographic visualisation where Geographic Information Systems are offereing fresh insights for graphic analyses of spatial patters and appropriate modelling techniques for environmental descision making, particuarly in the field of ...
Marine Visualisation Marine Visualisation : Dr. Paul Chapman, University of Hull
Showing how scientists are aware that shipwrecks are rapidly eroding and their priceless cargoes are being looted by some divers. Dr. Paul Chapman and his team are creating a detailed 3D map of the seabed to locate these precious artefacts and generate ...
Unstructured Data Management Information Lifecycle Management & Content Management of Unstructured Data Mark Winstone, Sales & Commercial Director, EMC Content Management
Information Life Cycle management, Compliance to Regulations and the security of data are becoming paramount considerations to all businesses, Private and Public alike. EMC's ...
Failing to Win Failing to Win | Chris Brannigan, Caspian Learning
Playing New Super Mario bros and I am dying, literally hundreds of times. In games, catastrophic failure and errors are fundamental design mechanics. They are fun, motivating, challenging and edgender the replay, reflection and experimentation that leads to progress ...
Ad Hoc Network Sensor Programming Making Ad Hoc Sensor Network Programming Less Ad Hoc | Dr. David Wakeling
Dr David Wakeling, University of Gloucestershire gives an interesting and stimulating talk on the intricacies' of designing Sensor Networking programming.
Security Science at Microsoft Security Science at Microsoft | Alex Lucas, Microsoft
At Microsoft we have made major steps in securing software via the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) as part of the Trustworthy Computing initiatives launched in 2002. Threats in the security space evolve constantly and attackers get increasing innovative ...
Managing Change Principles of Portfolio Management & How it can help Organisations Manage Change | David Stevens, Major Account Manager, Planview Europe
Over the last 15 years, the disciplines of Project and Programme Management have become widely accepted, and the methods, tools and techniques in support of those disciplines strongly embedded in the culture of almost all companies. ...
Flemming Talk
Life and work of Sir John Ambrose Fleming
| Dr. Brian Bowers

Internet Threat The Internet Threat Environment - who wants to infect your computer & why
Martin Lee, Senior Software Engineer, Symantec Hosted Systems

Spam now accounts for 75% of all email traffic. The money made from peddling cheap pills on the Internet advertised through spam, is invested in the development of new strains ...
Green IT What is Green or Sustainable IT? And how does it affect me?
John Booth, Consultant, Carbon3IT Ltd

An overview of the 4 main Green IT topic areas (Manufacturing, In Use, Disposal and IT Governance) including some science, some elephants and why the cloud may not be as Green as it purports to be. We'll be going on a journey from Cradle to Grave from John's ...
Kinect Talk
Empty Hand Controller Free Gaming with Microsoft Kinect

Dr Mike Froggatt, Publishing Developments Lead, Microsoft Game Studios
Explains the principles that underlay the opertion of the Kinect interface.







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