2014-2015 Events for Cheltenham & Gloucester Branch
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Video archive of past talks
Video archive of past talks

14 October 2014, Tuesday
The Evolution of Web Apps

Dr. Yang Xu, Researcher, University of Gloucestershire, School of Computing and Technology

The emerging of new technologies and rapid spread of mobile devices has greatly changed the experience of web browsing. Although the general public still use the traditional way to browse the Internet through web links, behind the scenes web developers have discovered new ways to present the web content, particularly on mobile devices. This talk will present a broad area of change in web development that has resulted in a new approach to designing web applications.



11 November 2014, Tuesday
BCS and the Internet of Things: how can we make it work for the public?

David Evans, BCS Director of Membership

David Evans' talk will focus on the role of BCS as a positive change agent for the adoption of new concepts and applications of information technology in public and government arenas




9 December 2014, Tuesday
Digital by Default: delivering 21st Century public services

Sarah Prag, former Product Manager at the Government Digital Service

Digital technology and techniques are becoming central to the design, delivery and running of public services, but what does this mean for citizens, for civil servants and for suppliers?



13 January 2015, Tuesday
Using Ruby on Rails to develop Agile, Efficient and High Performance Web Applications

N.Jade, Researcher at School of Computing and Technology, University of Gloucestershire

Ruby on Rails (or Rails) is an open source, full-stack framework for developing web/cloud-based applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern. Using Rails, it is possible to write beautiful code by favouring convention over configuration. It is almost a decade old now and the community has developed a set of principles which allow programmers to write powerful applications that scale and change with little effort and time.


10 February 2015, Tuesday
A forensic analysis of safety systems and safety critical software in vehicles and why it was needed

Brian Kirk, Director, Robinson Associates

The talk gives a bird's eye view of the long quest to establish responsibility for poor quality and unsafe software and systems technology in some vehicles. It was prompted by the many deaths and imprisonment of innocent people for 'homicide' and to obtain redress for the victims.

The technical and legal aspects of what went wrong are reviewed. An unfortunate cocktail of questionable ethics, poor quality engineering, marketing spin. (ab)use of the legal system ad poor attitudes of some manufacturers and regulatory authorities has delayed justice for the victims and also improvement of safetyfor the rest of us

Progress has been slow and suggestions for improvements are included. This area is of great concern given the trend towards automated driving and even more reliance on the software based systems to manage our personal safety.


14th April 2015, Tuesday
Virtualisation and Cloud Services

Colin Butcher, CEng, FBCS, CITP, XDelta Limited

This session will provide an overview of the principles that apply to virtualisation and cloud services when designing and implementing virtualised systems and infrastructures. There are a wide range of issues to be considered, especially those affecting performance, scalability and availability. The context within which your business operates will help to determine to what extent and in which areas virtualisation and cloud services may be applicable. Virtualisation and cloud services can provide a useful solution to a wide range of problems, especially when combined with blade server technology.


12 May 2015, Tuesday
Visit to Gloucestershire Archives

BCS members made a visit to Gloucestershire Archives, with staff and students from The School of Computing, at the University of Gloucestershire



10 November 2015, Tuesday
The accidental technologist - how a door-to-door book salesman came to run a high-tech company

Paul Hawes, MD Sensory Software International, Malvern

Ever wondered just how Stephen Hawking talks, or how a child with severe cerebral palsy uses Facebook? I never had any intention of working with computers, but a chance encounter led me to being asked to join a start-up. It failed, but set me off on an unexpected journey into Assistive Technology. The talk will cover the way that assistive technology is helping people with all kinds of disabilities, along with a personal perspective on the development of this exciting and worthwhile industry.



Upcoming Talk - 8 December 2015, Tuesday
Techniques in the treatment of images

Dr. Akbar Sheikh Akbari, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University



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